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NEWvember Playwrights 2018 (L to R): David Beardsley, Matthew Kelly, Dagney Kerr, Neil Sharpson & Fiona Stout

NEWvember is a festival of rehearsed readings of new plays that takes place over three days in November. There is no fee for submissions and all plays are read blind of name or gender by our panel. The spirit of NEWvember is to provide a dynamic, interactive and comfortable place where writers can hear their plays read by professional actors and discuss their work and creative process. The first six festivals, co-produced with Tangent Theater Company, took place in the historic village of Tivoli (in upstate New York). In 2017, for the first time, NEWvember was held in Dublin, Ireland at Belvedere House in Dublin’s city centre. In 2018, NEWvember moves to The New Theatre’s Rehearsal Space in Temple Bar.

November 8-10, 2018
The New Theatre, 43 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

AboutFACE Ireland are delighted to announce the plays chosen for NEWvember Dublin 2018!

The NEWvember Dublin 2018 plays are:

1) Deanna and Paul by Dagney Kerr

When a boy with a tight lid on his heart and a girl with a sensitive spirit and a strict no tipping policy, meet one rainy night, their lonely worlds collide in a small-town diner where magical things happen and one cup of coffee can change everything, in this sparkling romcom.
Thursday 8th November at 6.30pm in a double-bill

2) Split by Fiona Rose Stout

Modern romance in Dublin ain’t so easy, no matter what age you are – or what music you listen to. Even when you’re trying your hardest, heartbreak is so easy but life is short and there are sexy selfies. Relationships criss-cross and clash in this kaleidoscope drama of flirting, falling apart and finding love.
Thursday 8th November at 6.30pm in a double-bill

3) The Caspian Sea by Neil Sharpson

In the totalitarian, Neo-Luddite state of the Caspian Republic, artificial intelligence is outlawed. But the Republic is thrown into disarray when a murdered man is revealed to be an AI living there in secret. Somehow dead-end State Security agent Nikolai South is tasked with escorting the murdered AI’s beautiful widow when she comes to Caspian … and is forced to make a choice between his duty and his sense of right and wrong, in this powerful thriller.
Friday 9th November at 6.30pm

4) The Gods of the Ozarks by Matthew Kelly

Small-town doctor Jonah Hahn never intended to create a new religion in his tiny 19th century mountain community. But when people are dying all around of treatable illnesses and his wife is getting sicker, he may have to secretly overcome the ban on cutting corpses that holds back his medical understanding … until those bodies start resurrecting and a community goes wild, in this hilarious tale of ghosts and faith, promises and lies, and the war between science and religion (even after death …)
Saturday 10th November at 2.30pm

5) Holy and Unruly by David Beardsley

In 1593 amidst the war with the Spanish Armada, two of the world’s most powerful women, Queen Elizabeth I and the Irish pirate Grace O’Malley, are forced into a meeting to try to save the realm … and themselves. But can they make a deal when they’ve got plotting English lords and bloodthirsty Irish rebels around them, can you believe a Queen who is seeing visions, and can two women trust each other in the heat of battle – and at what cost?
Saturday 10th November at 6.30pm

NEWvember Dublin 2018 is supported by The New Theatre, FringeLAB, Dublin City Arts Office and the cell theatre in NYC.
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