2011 Plays

For our inagural year we have three different performance series, highlighting work that is mainstage ready, in progress and locally sourced. We are excited to be bringing these bold voices to the Hudson Valley!

Here are the 2011 plays:


A Bright Wind Over a Bent World

All the men in Lyle’s family have been struck by lightning, except for him.  His father, Gene, has never let him forget it.  As another storm approaches, Lyle will be forced to choose between his legacy and his last chance with the only woman he ever loved.

Playwright: Meghan Kennedy
Friday, November 11, 8PM

with Anna Nugent, Paul Nugent, Audrey Rapoport, Steven Young
directed by & stage directions Michael Rhodes

Broken Wing

Jake, an injured war veteran, returns home one night to find his wife Allison aloof and unable touch him. When Allison admits that she is horrified by Jake’s injury, the two must confront the trauma that the war has caused them and the reality of their future together.

Playwright: Rachel White
Saturday, November 12, 8PM

with Stefanie Frame, Anna Nugent, Paul Nugent, Jared Reinmuth
directed by Michael Rhodes
stage directions Steven Young

The Cat Vandal

The Cat Vandal is a chilling, blackly comic tale of obsession, revolving around the trial of a jihadist desecrator of art who believes the spirit of a cat has entered his body and jeopardized his sanity. The doctor assigned to the case loses everything that mattered in her life as she unwittingly unleashes forces that lead to her own prophetic journey.

Playwright: Fengar Gael
In Progress Series
Saturday, November 12, 2PM

with Stefanie Frame, Anna Nugent, Audrey Rapoport, Ann Osmond, Jared Reinmuth, Michael Rhodes, Greg Skura, Steven Young
directed by Paul Nugent
stage directions Gabe McKinley


Tricia returns home to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts to deal with her mother’s death after a battle with Alzheimer’s.  But at the funeral home she collides with Fitz, a prodigy and former piano student of her mother’s, with secrets of his own, who challenges her loyalty and choices.

Playwright: Craig Pospisil
Saturday, November 12, 8PM

with Michael Rhodes, Jennifer Skura
directed by Greg Skura
stage directions Steven Young

One Hand

An edgy romantic comedy set in the elite, high-stakes art world of Manhattan, where everything — including nothing — is for sale.

Ruth is a brilliant scholar with traditionalist values. Her husband is a super-cool art star.  She hates his art. He hates her taste. This marriage in extremis is bound to fail. Then  again, what is failure, what is success, what is love, what is not love? What is the sound  of “One Hand” clapping?

Playwright: Josepha Gutelius
Local Discovery Series
Thursday, November 10, 8PM

with Ann Osmond, Audrey Rapoport, Michael Rhodes
directed by Steven Young
stage directions Paul Nugent


Charlie is snapped back to her chaotic upbringing by a rare visit to her mother. Against her husband and brother’s warnings, Charlie chooses a risky path to make things right.

Playwright: Jennifer Skura
In Progress Series
Sunday, November 13, 2PM

with Stefanie Frame, Gabe McKinley, Paul Nugent, Audrey Rapoport, Jared Reinmuth
directed by Anna Nugent
stage directions Steven Young

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