2013 Plays

Here are the 2013 plays:


Thursday, Nov. 7th @ 8PM


Ulysses, a burnt-out Civil War re-enactor and supposed descendent of Ulysses S. Grant, is living on a park bench after getting kicked out of his girlfriend’s apartment. When a strange young boy shows up asking him how to be a soldier, Ulysses sees an opportunity to get revenge on his ex and her new boyfriend.
Playwright: Elias Diamond


Frank Truman can’t get a job, because his potential employers routinely confuse him with an eccentric old blogger whose pen name happens to be “Frank Truman.” The real Frank tracks down his reclusive namesake and begs him to adopt a different pseudonym, but “Frank the blogger” responds with a different kind of help — a recommendation for a job at the company where he used to work. In order to land the position, Frank #1 is forced to show how far he’ll go to get ahead.
Playwright: Hal Borden

Friday, November 8th @ 8PM


In 1880’s New Mexico, Tills Jasper just murdered town dead-beat George Grillit with the business end of a pick axe. Now George’s ghost is stalking his murderer with a doomsday guitar. And when a notorious silver prospector shows up at Tills’ door, he’ll have to fend off both the living and the dead to save his underground fortune.
Playwright: Aaron Weissman

Saturday, Nov. 9th @ 2PM


When one cadet smuggles a beautiful young woman into a military college in the south, he and his bunk-mates find themselves in deep trouble. Women are forbidden in the barracks…how do they hide her…and why has she come? Sex, commitment, truth and family collide in this dark comedy about codes of honor, and ties that bind.
Playwright: Jessica Bedford

Saturday, Nov. 9th @ 8PM


In a powerful tragic-comedy of sex, economic disenfranchisement and family ties, young New York City teacher Charlie is forced to return to her Pennsylvania steel mill hometown to take care of her mother’s affairs. But there’s no avoiding the revelations of her past … or the secrets of her present.
Playwright: Shannon Reed

Sunday, Nov. 10th @ 2PM


A man diagnosed with cancer and two teenagers running from catastrophe journey across America in search of a cure – and chased by the institutions that attempt to contain and diminish the chaos of living. Westward Mutations explores the routes between being well and being ill, asking what can be gained by running and what can be earned by facing disaster?
Playwright: Kristen Palmer

Sunday, Nov. 10th @ 6PM


Set in the low intensity war in Northern Ireland during the 1980s, between the British and The Irish Republican Army, childhood friends Victor and an unnamed Woman are faced with the ultimate test over loyalty, honor and inflexibility.
Playwright: Seamus Scanlon


A married couple in Wales, struggling to come to terms with their son’s death during the Iraq War, encounter a whole new challenge when a mysterious stranger with a very special “delivery” comes knocking on their door.
Playwright: Melisa Annis

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